Details for In-Studio Interviews


ADDRESS: 409 W. Olympic Blvd, LA, CA 90015 (map link)

*Dial 104 on the Dialpad and press "Call" to be buzzed in. 

Come on up to #201 on the second floor



DISCUSSION PREP: No prep needed, we'll be exploring your areas of expertise.

ATTIRE: Within your personal business attire spectrum, dress in the upper end of that range — whatever that means for you. It's more about being yourself with a professional look, so dress as you would for a business meeting. Solids are best, try to avoid busy patterns or bright colors.

Many find using this media content as a valuable self promotional tool as well, so think about how you would want to present yourself professionally.

HAIR/MAKEUP: Please come camera-ready. We do not have any hair or makeup on-site. Nothing special is needed — just your normal professional look. The lighting on set is very soft and flattering for everyone.





 Text/Call my mobile phone at 323-898-1522


Looking forward to a fun and thoughtful discussion!

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