Video Call-In Details

*Please use Headphones (to avoid feedback from microphone)

**If possible, an external mic massively helps boost quality (even a mic built into headsets for phone calls is better than the computer's mic) 

Video Connect

Step 1: When it's time to call, connect using the link below in a Chrome or Firefox browser (Chrome preferred if possible):


            ...if using external camera or microphone, select them from the sprocket icon in the lower right.

If any problems, text/call August at 323-898-1522 or email

Audio Record

Step 2: Then connect to this link in another tab (in Chrome or Firefox) to record a local audio file on your side for better quality:


Before Calling:

- Please use headphones to avoid echo. An external mic is ideal, the closer the mic is to your mouth the better.

- Close non-critical apps/tabs in your browser or computer (it affects audio/video quality)

- Find a quiet place to minimize background noise (turn off any background noise that can be controlled)

- You look best with the camera around eye level (prop up notebook computers on boxes or books)

- Brightly lit faces and environments work best with webcams. (Ideally place a soft light source in front of you. Larger light sources are more flattering such as windows, lamps with large shades or light bouncing off neutral-colored walls.)